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I had an agreement with Plastic resource group(PRG), to build a prototype for me. The first phase of his bid was for $10,050.00 and a time frame of 20 business days.

He received and cashed my check for $10,050.00 on May 6, 2010. Tyler said work would begin immediately. On May 19 I sent an email asking for a status report. On June 22, 2010 I received an email saying that they hadn't started yet and would be starting work now and a revised schedule of completion of phase one on July 23, 2010.

At this point the 20 days to complete the phase, as outlined in their bid had already passed. I called and emailed numerous times throughout this timeframe, and was always told "we're working on it, we want things right so we won't hurry". When I started complaining heavily I was told various dates those parts of the phase would be completed. Not one of those dates was ever met!

As of today phase one has not been completed to my satisfaction and PRG has refused to correct the issue or refund the money. I have every email, agreement, and complete phone logs outlining this issue in full

Monetary Loss: $10.

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This company is really messed up. After weeks of delay, a call, a quote, and then nothing.

I accepted the quote but yet no response from them, its been months now. Does any person know any other company I can contact?

Hopewell Junction, New York, United States #1319209

i had the same exact horrible experience i payed out 13,200 got nothing but a trash result at the end and got stuck with a half of prototype, literally.


Don't use them. Believe the reviews.

We worked with them on what was an easy project should have taken a month or so and was projected at most to be a 3 month project. Almost a year later the project was done and it was such *** work that we can not use it to go into production. So a year wasted in terms of time and money with this company. I would have been better off not doing business with them.

The owner will lie but the product is ***.

RUN!! (We used them in 2016)

to 1816 #1345365

Hello, I am thinking about using them. So you recommend I don't?


Please does anyone know of any prototyping company that can deliver? I am really disappointing with all these bad reviews. I just just submitted mine last week to PRG and I guess it is still not late to star afresh with someone else .


I had the same result with PRG. Poor communication, poor quality, and project was never completed. I wish I had done more research on PRG and Tyler before hiring this garbage company.


Very similar to my issues with them. STAY AWAY FROM PRG.


Thank you all for your reviews! I live in NJ and was about to pull the trigger and get a quote from PRG, currently patent pending and wanted to get a working prototype done...but if its one thing I've learned in life...most times various different people don't all tell the same lie...I think I'll try to find someone local that has a better reputation.

Thanks for saving me from something I may have regretted. Good to do your homework!

to Excited_Inventor #775736

We are working with them now and no problems. Do some more research, there are a few people that did some huge flame jobs on the company.

One of them was resolved, another was a lady who was dishonest with PRG and they ended the relationship.

Contact the AG, BBB and all those places. Do not just rely on message boards where anyone can post, even my :grin

to Bane Newark, New Jersey, United States #1235757

I'm talking to them now about using them for my project and I'm really upset about all these bad reviews!!!! I was really excited and they seemed to get exactly what I want and I feel comfortable with them but now I'm afraid.

Reading your message gives me hope tho. Do you mind me asking what stage your at and if all has gone well?

to Jules #1312127

Don't use them. Believe the reviews.

We worked with them on what was an easy project should have taken a month or so and was projected at most to be a 3 month project. Almost a year later the project was done and it was such *** work that we can not use it to go into production. So a year wasted in terms of time and money with this company. I would have been better off not doing business with them.

The owner will lie but the product is ***. RUN!!

Lake Mary, Florida, United States #700933

I was hoping to release the announcement of the new production model but thanks to Tyler from prg-prototyping that is not the case. In working with PRG prototyping (http://prgprototyping.com/ ). Tyler Harrell, president of the company. informed me today that my handmade proto type and parts needed to design the production for bliss-box were thrown away. In 10-6-12 Tyler and I agreed to quote a proto type of the Bliss-box design. Per his request, he asked that I send the individual parts and a working box. He acknowledged they were received and kept me up to speed on the progress for the first month asking general questions to determine if it could be made. There was some question that his engineering team was competent enough to build the design. I asked that his team take the time and see what portion of this box could be mass produced. Tyler indicated he would need to contact a 3rd party team for the cabling and pinning. I had put good faith in Tyler to see what could be achieved. Over the next 7 months it pretty much has been me asking for a status on the quote. He always informed me they have not gotten to my design yet. Turns out somewhere in this 8 months my designed was thrown away. So tell me, how can you give or work on an estimate if you have no product to estimate from? I asked Tyler and he beat around the bush avoiding the question. Apparently there never were any plans to try and get a quote for me but rather to discard my design and hope that I would go away. In questioning this bazar behavior he admitted the entire contents I shipped him were thrown away and did agree to reimburse the parts but not the labor of the box, though that is not the issue here. PRG prototyping has stolen my product offering half of what it’s worth and time. Tyler Harrell has stolen from me and shown his blatant disregard for other people’s property.



In turn, I have found a new company that was very competent and acted much like a true business.

to ulao Orlando, Florida, United States #993964


I'm from Orlando Florida, looking for a prototyping company.

Any referral.

Thank you

to ulao #1103081

This is pretty much my story. STAY AWAY FROM PRG.

Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States #693998

I too was promised already over 2 years ago from Tyler who told me its not his fault that people leave his company. I paid in full before they made my prototype in the beginning they did great there was a woman named Taylor who was the sales woman & promised me it would take a few weeks to a couple of months to make they got a man named Ryan to find the materials I needed and glue but when it was tried it did not work so then he tried other materials & that worked then he left the company I tried to get a hold of Taylor she left the company then there was Mary who was great found the materials & they seemed perfect then there was a woman named Stephanie who was getting the logo & box where they were going to be put in & I didn't hear from her so I called to find out what was goink on then I was told she left & then I asked to speak to Mary & I was told she left this is already over 2 years so I then wanted to speak to Tyler wanted my money-back he then said there was a woman named Hallie who was wirkingon it & it happened to be on his desk at thar very moment so he sends them to me they were OK not as good as the ones Mary did but what couldi do I wanted themto get manufactured already & out to market so Hallie calls me to get thelogo & packaging done I finally Get the package not done correctly u couldnot fit the things I made in there I was promised a manufacturer he went out the window calked Hallie art least 3 times no call back said.I am going to now file a complaint still I don't hear anything from her still I now call Tyler w :x :x ho tells me its not his fault that people leave his company &that its against the law for me to threaten to complain because they did what they promised again a lie & that I just wanted my money back rememet. That I spent 9000 dollars on this joke do not trust this man to do your prototype as they lie so please don't trust this company as I am the most patient person but this is just wrong & he also had the nerve to hang up on me this is a rip off

Denver, Colorado, United States #610359

The situation has been resolved.


I too have been taken by Tyler Harrell and his company PRG Prototyping. I signed an agreement with him stating that my prototype will be ready in 8-12 weeks.

I gave PRG CAD drawings and even provided them with information about the desired materials, which have been widely used for over 10 years. It is a very simple design. I paid in full (my mistake). It is now 29 weeks since the agreement was signed and payment was received and I still don't have even the "mock" prototype.

Tyler Harrell is full of excuses, but what it comes down to is he refuses to do anything to resolve them problem. It doesn't matter to him that he is in breach of his own agreement, he already got his money. He even hung up on me today when I asked him how he was going to resolve this issue. I have no idea what kind of product PRG will produce, but based on the incompetency of the people working there, I'm not expecting much.

I would steer clear of PRG Prototyping. The only reason I am still doing business with them is they won't refund my money, so they will have to fulfill their contract.


:( I am afraid of investing with them now. My project quote was rather large and that is money from my wallet. I have faith in my idea, but i don't want to be a victim of fraud

to Matt Rotcher #721190

Just curious, did you follow through working with them even after these reviews? I am considering the same and was wondering how it worked out for you.

San Clemente, California, United States #252377

In working with Plastic Resource Group I did have a few issues arise, they were able to fix them with me personally and my company. They have performed above my expectations.

I am completely satisfied with my dealings with Plastic Resource Group.

Tyler went above and beyond to make things right. I have complained on some of these sites, and even though I can’t physically remove the complaints, I want to ensure that everyone reading this knows that they have fully satisfied me, and I wish that I could remove them.

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